Even if you allow for the fact that about or millionof those are already Facebook users,you’re buying million new users. if the market is paying $ per user. million times is billion. You’re getting a bargain. Don’t laugh. This game is going crazy right now. People are buying users, because that’swhat the market is rewarding. You’re saying, what’s wrong with that. Markets are fickle. Today, they like users.


Tomorrow, they might not. Remember, they liked website visitors for a long time?But they said, you know what?I can’t pay dividends with website visitors. It’s kind of tough to say, I’ll take three visitors, please. Send them to my house. They’ll work around. I paid a lot of money for your stock. At some point, they’re going to ask for substance. And the way I describe social media companies–it’s like having a gigantic store with nothingon the shelves and lots of foot traffic. That’s you’re buying. contact to www.valsnsw.com.au

What are you hoping for?That if you put something on the shelves, maybethey’ll stop and buy it. It’s not an unreal exercise. Call it a field of dreams. Remember, Kevin Costner, “if we build it, he will come,”Shoeless Joe. It’s the same thing. If we have the users, it will come. How it will come, I don’t know. But it will come. But that’s what pricing is about. It’s not about what you and I think matters. It’s what the market is building in, whichbrings me to my last point. And I hate to be the one to break this.

This is a game where luck is the dominant paradigm. When I say, this, I’m talking about investing–venture capital investing, regular investing. We like to think it’s skill and hard work. It’s luck. If you’re lucky, you can do a horribly sloppy thingsand be incredibly rich. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter how well you do things.


Promotion is the most visible element of marketing and covers all the activities undertaken by the library to communicate, promote its resources and services, and sell their benefits to the target user group. This aspect of marketing is often ignored: it refers to customer retention and long-term customer relationships. It shifts the emphasis from short-term results which are mostly transactional (increased numbers of enquiries, loans, visits etc) towards a continuous interactive relationship. It is not only important to attract new customers, it is just as important to keep existing customers.


A loyal customer base is your best defence against budget cuts and also the platform for expanding services. Ideally this should be a clear and succinct description of your aims and objectives i.e. what the ILS is trying to do and become together with a clear view of its distinctive contribution. However many mission statements are so general that they are meaningless or too long and clumsy. Your best promotional tool is the high quality of the service you provide. This means that every member of your staff is involved in marketing.

Promotion should inform and persuade; too much library promotion only gives basic information about the service and fails sell the benefits. Your Enact Conveyancing Sydney – Treexpert customers do not care that you have access to hundreds of databases they are only interested in the information they need being delivered at the right time, in the right way. To put it another way all cars have four wheels and an engine look at how advertisers sell the benefits of their particular model.

This could simply be by the increase in enquiries, or increase in walk-in customers and, in the long-term, whether these increases are maintained. The importance of networking cannot be emphasised too highly get out of the library, get to know your organisation and ensure that they know about you. Library and information staff are expert in identifying and evaluating publications. There is no single list of all available in print publications which could be made available to all units.

Speaking to North Down Borough Council as he delivered the Autumn Report, Tom McCourt, from Roads Service Eastern Division, said: “A significant roads scheme is currently under construction at Six Road Ends, Bangor and is due for completion in May 2007. In this year’s programme of works, we have included several resurfacing schemes such as Holywood Bypass, Whinney Hill, Owenroe Drive and Balloo Drive. Looking to the future, Mr McCourt said: “A route improvement study is underway for the A2 along the Bangor to

Belfast Road. This will assist the identification of possible future improvements along one of the most important routes within the North Down Borough Council area. The site is under the control of the PSNI. Roads Service and the contractor are assisting PSNI to complete their investigation. We are unable at this stage to advise when the motorway will be re-opened.

We will issue another bulletin when we have further information. Motorists should leave extra time for their journeys due to the opening of a temporary bridge at the Grosvenor Road junction with Westlink. Traffic and pedestrians using the Grosvenor Road will travel over Westlink by a temporary bridge. There will be no access to and from Westlink at the Grosvenor Road junction, in any direction. Traffic wishing to join and leave Westlink will be diverted to either Divis Street or Broadway junctions, where full access will be maintained with Westlink.

The temporary bridge will be in place for up to 18 months, until the new Grosvenor Road underpass is constructed. Drivers should note that a 20 mph speed limit will be in operation over the temporary bridge. To Mail-Archive Conveyancer allow this new road layout to be set up, Grosvenor Road West from the Westlink to Roden Street and Grosvenor Road East from the Westlink to Durham Street will be closed from 8pm on Saturday 7 October until 6am on Monday 9 October. This means that access to and from Westlink at Grosvenor Road will stop at 8pm on Saturday night. Local access will be maintained during these Grosvenor Road closures.

Our structure needs to be appropriate to deal with the way we’ll be doing business in the future. It’s not the case that everything’s wrong at the moment, but the recent restructuring study highlighted major problems we must address. Progress on the Critical Success Factors is being monitored through the change programme where a review is done every month at the Change Programme Board Meeting, chaired by CDL. There will be another DLO Senior Managers’ Conference on 18 February which will be another opportunity to review progress and feedback will be provided to staff afterwards. view more: Act Conveyancing Sydney


I know people are a bit sceptical about this, but I must emphasise we’re very serious about getting results. Everyone should have seen lots of differences in the organisation and the way we do business since the DLO formed up, but we’re at a very important point now. We’re currently a well-established organisation with a good performance record, most recently in Operation Telic, and we’re well on our way to achieving the Strategic Goal. All that, however, is only the first part, the second is about really achieving the ‘logistics transformation’ delivering logistics support in the most costeffective way.

We should also remember that the world won’t stop in March 2006, the deadline for achieving the Strategic Goal, so we must think past that, look to the future and keep improving. It’s people that enable an organisation to perform it’s a volatile world and any organisation needs to keep skills under review. As an organisation that supports the Investor in People ethos, we should review what skills we have available and how their development affects the performance of the organisation. There is the familiar phrase about people being our most important resource.

By identifying skills as a Critical Success Factor, the Board is saying it places real value on increasing your people’s skills to improve business performance. We’re currently working towards April 2004 when it is planned to issue some provisional findings on the four areas already mentioned.

Before dinner on our final night, we adjourned for aperitifs and canapés on the front lawn, where the sunset was jollified by an hour-long demonstration by a chap called Andy, the in-house falconer from Dunrobin CastleNormally, such displays are a spectator sport. But if you’ve booked a private show, you don a gauntlet and feed chunks of chicken to his feathered pets. They included an owl called Bonsai, an eagle called Monkey, and a golden eagle who wasn’t allowed off his perch in case he tried to kill things.

Today, it’s easy to forget the role falconry has played in our nation’s history. Gifts of birds have prevented wars, much like Royal marriages; it is also responsible for such modern expressions as “end of tether” and “boozing” descended from the term “bowsing. Meanwhile, the relationship between Andy and his six birds was fascinating: a sort of airborne One Man and his Dog. The next day we decided to round off our trip with a private tour of the Glenmorangie distillery, conducted by its manager Graham Eunson. Learn More: Tom Burke Realtor – Conveyancing Fees Sydney

Eleven million bottles of the stuff are sold each year, with buyers in 126 countries. We met Graham at Taplow Springs, where water bubbles up into a crystal-clear pool, before being piped to the distillery. Then we followed its journey through an array of Heath Robinson vats and pipes recalling Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In keeping with the spirit of Father’s Day excess, samples were offered at regular intervals, before Graham sat us down for a final tasting session, which involved eight different vintages.

A Parisian perfume house once analysed its smell, and found no fewer than 26 aromas in there, from crème brûlée and lemon curd, to custard pie and pencil shavings. By the time we’d got through about six varieties, from 10 to 30 years old, we were struggling to say the phrase “pencil shavings”, let alone smell them. Our efforts, however, made little more than a dent into the stocks of the distillery, which holds £1. 3bn of stock.

I still have times where I wish I was dead, and I still have times where I think I may be Jesus reincarnated. More so the downs regrettably. The ECT also seems to help, which is why I’m stressing at the moment I think. I slept through my ECT appointment so I didn’t get a dose this month. I now have a churning feeling in my stomach which is Conveyancing Melbourne Suburbs either me stressing about a possible down cycle, or the start of an actual down cycle.

I’m not sure which just yet. I hope not. Down cycles suck arse big time. I get suicidal, which is funny because it is my OCD thoughts of hurting my niece if I did suicide that stops suicide being a worrying factor. One mental illness counteracting another, go figure. I leave this post here… Having trouble thinking straight and really should be in bed. Night night all and we’ll continue this later in the week.

I can’t go into detail of my obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts in an open forum like this except to say they are graphically. violent and abhorrent in nature, and even with the aid of Clomipramine Hydrochloride (aka Placil) the thoughts still scare the hell out of me. There is still a part of me that can’t let go totally that I’m capable of the horrors my mind shows me on a regular basis.

The Placil helps me with controlling my fear, but don’t think they have stopped the thoughts themselves. . I’m still cursed with graphic images of loved ones being hurt and voices that tell me I am evil incarnate, don’t get me wrong, but thanks to the Place and Zyprexa I can now stand back and see the thoughts for what they are.just thoughts. The example 2 doctors have now used to explain it to me (must be in the University curriculum) is of an elderly woman who couldn’t go to church because of her OCD with intrusive thoughts.

Latest features offer levels of interaction comparable with the "real world". The world’s first Hemispherium ™ VR Theatre was developed by the team at the Centre and creates an almost complete feeling of travelling into a virtual world, including virtual people, vehicles and other interactions. The VR Centre offers exciting new opportunities to the NorthEast Construction Industry in training and presentation skills. One of its primary activities is to develop PC applications for the smaller company and, to achieve this, has substantial grants for qualifying companies in the NorthEast that can significantly reduce project costs.

The agreement of offer must be sold out before Conveyancers Australia can be completed. Clients will use the technology because of its fast turnaround time and the freedom it offers,” said John Bale. “The model of the South-side development contains aircraft, ground vehicles and buildings.

Viewers can explore the model using flythrough functions that enable following the path of aircraft and ground vehicles. VR is extremely useful when developing a product or planning a project because it makes it easier to visualise the end result. Mayfair is currently the UK’s hottest office market according to research published this week by Cluttons. According to the firm’s Mayfair Update Autumn 2000, take up in the last four months was up a massive 450% to 33,769 sq m and prime rents have shot up by over a third to £861 per sq m (£80 per sq ft).

Burford’s Mayfair Place recently achieved £861 per sq m (£80 per sq ft) – a record rental value – but, says Neil Chegwidden, Head of Research at Cluttons: “Far from being a one off deal, other high-value lettings have also recently occurred. The common thread between them has not only been the quality and location of the space, but also the size. New, large floor plates are a rare commodity in the Mayfair market, which has a far greater proportion of small-tomedium sized properties than other areas. So, the real question is whether Mayfair can deliver any more of these large landmark schemes?”

Westminster Council’s recently restated general objections to tall buildings all militate against it. There are several mid-sized schemes in the offing, but none on the scale of 1 Curzon Street or Mayfair Place and none deliverable until late-2001 at the earliest. However, Neil Chegwidden does not believe that the “superdeals” will stop once there are no large floor plates left in Mayfair? “

The area is remarkably robust” he comments “and sustainable supply and demand fundamentals should ensure that all top grade new floor space will be fought over by occupiers willing to pay the Mayfair premium.

It is launched only six weeks after Borders Books & Music Cafe successfully opened to trading figures well exceeding budget forecasts.
Debenhams’ Oxford store is one of five opening this financial year, the others are Sunderland, Milton Keynes, Carlisle and Uxbridge, which is planned to open in Spring 2001.

The Oxford store will carry the exclusive’Designers at Debenhams’ collections, where designer names may be purchased at affordable prices, in addition the store will feature an extensive cosmetic department and a brand new ‘Media & Entertainment’ department. Debenhams and Borders open as anchors to Northgate Quarter, which has been funded by Standard Life Investments at circa £25 million.

Ayles and Heath and Pheonix Beard are currently in discussions with prospective occupiers for the remaining units, which are available in unit sizes up to 3,512 sq m (37,800 sq ft), representing some of the largest units available in Oxford. Additional speciality shops are also attracting local retail interest along Friars Entry.

Bob also congratulated Beazer on being the first Housebuilder to receive Chartered Building Company accreditation. “CIOB membership is a badge of quality,” he said, “and Beazer has shown a firm commitment to raising standards in construction.””The 80 construction managers who have achieved their ICIOB qualification will now act as mentors and assessors for their identified colleagues.

By mid 2001, all site construction managers in the Group will have achieved their ICIOB qualification. Good management at all levels will produce a quality product.’ Chartered Institute of Building President Professor John Bale will see the University of Teesside Virtual Reality (VR) Centre, recognised to be amongst the largest and most well resourced in Europe, during a visit on 7 November.

The VR Centre operates as a commercial company employing around 30 full time staff.   By and large, property conveyancing has been finished by either pros or approved conveyancers, who are totally arranged in all parts of property conveyancing law. I am looking forward to see the level of detail and the freedom the VR Centre can provide to explore objects and spaces.

Skills vary across the range of digital technology and include the development of PC and lnternet packages as well as high-end photo-realistic virtual reality models.

This latest acquisition will take the centre to 2,230 sq m (24,000 sq ft) and enable Bankside to satisfy latent demand for larger units units in Bevis Marks will be in the 50 sq m to 74 sq m (540 sq ft to 800 sq ft) size range. The former Harvestime premises at Unit 10, Crossgrange Trading Estate, Newton Abbot TQ12 have been sold for £350,000. NAI Gooch Webster, acting for Meghraj Properties Ltd, has sold a 998 year leasehold to The Soap Company Limited, who manufacture and distribute cosmetics.


The sensitive redevelopment, which retains its original faqade, is arranged over three trading levels and has been taken on a new ground lease.  As effectively specified, each one state has diverse conveyancing laws, requirements, hunts and expenses.

The unit comprises 1,288.4 m2 (13,869 sq ft) of light industrial/distribution space.There was a huge demand for the building,” reports Phil Wade of agents NAI Gooch Webster, “which really reflects the continuing strength of Newton Abbott as a distribution centre. Its location  mid-way between Exeter and Plymouth and serving a well populated area –is making it a very popular choice.

Every time we market a building locally we are encountering a lot of unsatisfied demand for quality space. Eye Clinic, represented by NAI Gooch Webster, has acquired two more units – in Kensington and Eastcheap – bringing their representation in central London to five. 179 Kensington High Street, London W14, previously occupied by Past Times, has been acquired on a new 15-year lease from clients of Insignia Richard Ellis.

The ground floor has an area of 112.87 sq m (1,215 sq ft) while the basement has 122.62 sq m (1,320 sq ft). Unit B, 13/21 Eastcheap, London EC3, is part of a redevelopment being carried out by Taylor Woodrow. The unit is arranged over two floors, with the ground floor approximately 157.93 sq m (1,700 sq ft) in size and the basement 133.96 sq m (1,442 sq ft. ).

Taylor Woodrow is represented by Lambert Smith Hampton. The other three units already in central London are in Regent Street, Cheapside and Shaftesbury Avenue. Legal formalities are also being progressed on units in Cardiff, Reading and Birmingham.

On behalf of BH&S, Dechert and Cluttons, I would like to thank all those who have helped to support the Climb Golf Challenge with their time and money. It was a wonderful way to raise funds for a worthwhile cause and an enjoyable gathering of old and new friends from the property industry.


New directors, Duncan Trench BSc Hons, ARICS and Charles Halvieim MSc, DipLaw, BSc, ARICS, offer complimentary skills in different sectors of the firm’s core business. Duncan, a project manager, has particularly strong experience in the commercial sector and with mixed-use schemes. Best settlement agent in Perth handles your lawful matters with regards to property managing.

The new associate director, Douglas Pavely BSc, ARICS, has worked on a range of public and private sector schemes since he joined Barrie Tankel Partnership five years ago. These promotions coincide with a restructuring of the firm following a strategic review that has appointed Barrie Tankel as company Chairman, and Kevin Quinn and John Brennan appointed as joint managing directors.

Operating from offices in the landmark Marble Arch Tower, Barrie Tankel Partnership plc is a respected.  Dron & Wright has agreed to take 22 Bevis Marks, London EC3 – a self contained office building of 604 sq m (6,500 sq ft) to create an annexe to the highly successful Bankside Business Centre which it manages and owns.

The building has been taken on a new 11-year lease from RREEF (acting for Strathclyde Pension Fund) at a rent equating to £350 per sq m (£32.50 per sq ft).  Dron & Wright set up Bankside Business Centre at Bankside House, Leadenhall Street, London EC3, in 1996. Major current projects include the refurbishment of Holborn Town Hall, 229 apartments at Carlton Gate in West London and a 95,000sq-ft retail park in Cambridge.

Originally just 743 sq m (8,000 sq ft) in total, the business centre has gone from strength to strength and has expanded on four previous occasions. Currently the centre comprises a total of 1,624 sq m (17,500 sq ft) and is operating at 95-100% occupancy. Units range from 7.5 sq m (80 sq ft) to 49 sq m (530 sq ft).